Simple Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy


Hair Care During Pregnancy

The feeling of becoming a mother in the life of any woman is the most pleasant feeling, but when a woman is conceived, from the time of her delivery till the time of delivery, many types of emotions continue to come in, that they are never smiled. Sometimes it is frightened. The reality is that these days a woman has to take care of her very much, because at this stage there are hormonal and many physical changes in the body. It is very important to take care of food.

At this stage there is a direct impact on health as well as beauty, but not equally on every woman. Some women, where during this time, feel tired, feel freckled, wakes up on the face, and physical formation becomes unbalanced, hair starts falling, dark circles fall under the eyes, and skin becomes shaky, while some women Looks like a beauty, and they look more attractive than before.


 Hair Problems With Hair loss

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  • The breakdown and loss of hair during pregnancy is quite unusual. These days physical activity is faster and its effect is also on the hair, which leads to rapid growth of hair.
  • It has been seen in many women that these days, their hair becomes very bright and the hair becomes thick, which makes them very happy, but many women complain that their hair breaks and falls in this condition. .
  • During this time, the women who complain like this, their hair usually fall in the oval and round shape. If there is such a complaint, you should contact your doctor immediately, because this also indicates that the body does not get the necessary minerals and vitamins.
  • In such a situation, immediately follow the advice of the doctor and follow it, otherwise it can have a bad effect on you and your child’s health.
  • These days it has also been observed that those who have oily hair become more oily and their hair is more rigid and they become more rowdy.
  • The curly hair becomes straight and straight curly. Not only this, the hair color has an effect on these days. Therefore it is very important to keep the diet balanced and focus on cleaning and cleaning the hair so that the problem can be controlled to a great extent. Dr. Batra says, ‘The beginning of the fall of the hair can be related to any such change, which causes the estrogen hormone to be balanced and transformed in your body. Hair may fall due to one or more reasons like – prevention of contraceptive pills by closing the hormonal style contraceptive method.Miscarriage or still birth, hormonal imbalance etc.

Useful exercise for hair 5 Simple And Useful Exercise  For Hair

One of the main reasons for hair fall in modern times is stress. Make sure to do the following exercise at least once a few minutes daily. Your stress will be in control.

  1. Exercise increases blood flow in the upper part of the head and hair follicle is stimulated. It strengthens the hair.
  2. Sit down on the ground with a fist. Put your hands behind and bend the front and close the frontal in the left knee. Count up to 10 Slowly come in old condition.
  3. Repeat this process. This time, lock the frontal with the left knee.
  4. Do this again and try to light the frontal from the ground.
  5. Take this exercise five times on either side.

If you have hypertension or spondylitis, avoid this exercise.

  1. Put your fingers on one or two times every day without turning your head firmly on your head. (This makes the finger strong and firm). Do not press the hair, keep the finger firmly in one place and rotate the round for a few seconds. Now keep your fingers in the new place and rotate the fingers for a few seconds. Cover entire head with this process. Put a little more time in weak places.
  2. Sit down on the ground after putting it on the lobe. Make sure your waist is straightforward. Close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath slowly.Stop your breath for 10 seconds, now slowly release your breath completely. Breathe again Do this process 15 times.
  3. Sit down on the ground after putting it on the lobe. Keep the waist straight and close your eyes. Close the right nose of the thumb. Breathe deeply with the left nose and hold breath for 10 seconds. Now close the left nose with the index finger. Slowly breathe with the right nose. Repeat with the second nose. Do this exercise 10 times.
  4. Sit on the floor and keep the waist straight. Close your eyes. Turn your neck slowly towards the direction of the clock needle. Repeat 5 times Now move your neck in the opposite direction. Five times

What to do? Prevent Hair Fall in Pragnency

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  1. Contact the doctor so that the proper balance of the hormones can be ensured.
  2. Avoid Piglets Corn Rose, Hair Vies, Brides, and Tight Hair Rollers. These keep your hair drenched and stemmed.
  3. Use shampoos and conditioners which contain biotin and silica.
  4. Take care of wet hair that is weak, do not use fine comb in wet hair.
  5. If you need to use a blow dryer and other hot appliances, try using the cool settings.
  6. If your hair is dry, then use mild shampoo, which will reduce the amount of detergent, it will keep your hair natural oil.
  7. Must use moisturizing conditioner after washing hair.
  8. These days it would be better if you use dry towels to dry hair. The use of the blow dryer should not be possible.
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  9. If you want to color the hair, you can use natural (hina) these days.
  10. At this stage, you should not take laser or ozone seating, this can have an adverse effect on you and your child’s health.
  11. Drugs like alcohol and cigarette consumption also have a bad effect on your hair. Hair roots are weak and hair breaks.
  12. Tension is also a major cause of hair fall, so these days should be habitual to be happy as long as possible.
  13. One more thing that is to pay attention is to place the placecenta ampsula in the hair to reduce the breakdown of hair.
  14. To wash the hair, always use kumkuna water instead of cold water.
  15. Avoid drying with a blank drawing and towels. Let hair dry itself If you have to use a hair dryer, then take it or keep it on medium heat and keep it away from hair more than 6 inches.
  16. Use a wide-toothbrush instead of a brush . Never wet Do not hair comb, because this time it is flexible and can be easily broken. Before comb combing, get rid of the confusion of hair with fingers. Keep your comb aside
  17. Hair putting pressure on any hair style like Puni tail, curling Avoid roller etc. Try and that turned out demand every three months, so that there is no pressure on the hair.
  18. Whenever to feel stress or difficult, something so that he began to relax you, like reading a book, listen to music or watch a movie.

Hair Diet To Hair Healthy

  1. These days, do special care at the eating time. The body needs a lot of nutrients, whose deficiency leads to a lot of problems facing the pregnant. This can be a serious problem especially for hair. Keratin protein is the main element of hair. Take a protein-rich diet for hair growth. The problem of hair is very low during intake of sprouted pulses, soya, milk, milk products, egg, meat and fish.
  2. During pregnancy, the body usually lacks calcium, iron and vitamins. To overcome their shortcomings, medication should be taken if necessary, and if necessary. Regular routine, exercise, physical massage and adequate relaxation are of particular importance during this period. At this time, your beauty should not be bloated, it is also necessary to take precautions.


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